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Unity foundation” offers a unique concept of doing business with absolutely zero risk. We can help you change your lifestyle in a short span of time. “Unity foundation” has redefined doing business where there is no risk but profits and just profits. “Unity foundation” believes in mutual co-ordination concept,so that we all grow with the help of each other. Dreams of the past have become the necessities of today. Owning a House, a Car, Children’s Education, Good Healthcare,Holiday Tours, Foreign Trips and Decent Savings for the future, are need of a person and not just dreams. There is an age old saying, ‘Never put all your eggs in one basket’. Whereas in the recent past, Mr.Warren Buffet went on to say that,‘Never depend on a single income.’ It is a fact that income does not increase at the same pace with that of inflation. Maintaining a stable standard of living is very difficult. Hence, more than one source of income should be generated. Taking a leaf out of our history books, let us analyse inflation versus income against time : Year Family Size Monthly required Income Rs. 1940 2 + 8 10/- 1960 2 + 6 100/- 1980 2 + 4 1,000/- 2000 2 + 2 10,000/- 2020 2 + 1 1,00,000/- For an ordinary person, earning rupees One Lakh per month is extremely difficult. Sufficient extra earning from a single source of income like service or profession is not possible. To counter the diminishing value of money and increasing inflation, you need to increase your earnings. A full time business opportunity with no or minimum capital investment is the best alternative. Such business opportunity exists only in the modern approach of business operations like DIRECT MARKETING. CHAIRMAN’S SPEECH Thank you for showing interest in becoming a part of “Unity foundation” group of visionaries. I am also delighted for you having grabbed this opportunity, which will see you rise beyond the heights, which even Eagles fear to dare.

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Most people refuse to believe, that earning incredible sums of money, is not just a fantasy but a realistic one at that. We tend to remain satisfied being unsatisfied. Our limited angle and radius of vision, prevents us from recognizing and seize an opportunity, when it comes along. Almost all of us are cowards to an extent, that we are afraid to take that one step forward that will change our lives dramatically. Yet millions of achievers globally, have become millionaires in a short period of time. They had the foresight and superior vision to build marketing networks in the unexplored jungle of opportunities. Let us not forget, that good marketing creates awareness about the product but only quality products keep selling over a period of time. Quality is never by accident but a sincere effort to provide maximum customer satisfaction. This is way I am delighted, to provide consumers with superior quality products, that they will be happy to use. Opportunity knocks only Thrice on the door. Maybe “Unity foundation” is your last opportunity. Therefore, take that one step forward towards realizing your dreams and ambitions. You are in the Right Place at the Right Time, to give your best shot. With the right attitude, endeavor and perseverance, you will be on the right path leading towards reaching never ever achieved heights of financial security and success. I wish you all, the very best for a successful lifestyle!